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A Monument to Loss

This insightful and personal reflection on Edvard Munch’s work, as well as the plans for a new museum commemorating it, comes from our friend Daniel A. Siedell. One of my most cherished memories from last year was a trip to New York City to see Edvard Munch’s The Scream on view at the Museum of […]

Death and Life in the Artist’s Studio – Dan Siedell

Nearing the finish line, we are thrilled to present Dan Siedell’s session from our recent NYC conference, complete with an integrated slideshow. Do yourself a favor:

You may download the audio recording by clicking here. Interested parties should also be sure to check out Dan’s “Who’s Afraid of Modern Art?” lecture.

Who’s Afraid of Modern Art?

Last Wednesday, Mbird friend and conference speaker Dan Siedell visited Charlottesville and gave a wonderful talk on modern art and Christianity. What made the talk compelling – among other things – was its confessional bent, an admittedly unshakable love of modern art despite questions as to its usefulness and a constant difficulty to justify that love along […]

Another Week Ends: AKB48, More Super Bowl, Seeing Cézanne, Failed Rehab, Humanity According to 30 Rock, Presumption vs Grace, and Creepy Lance Armstrong

1. In the “mea culpa” world this past week, Minami Minegishi of the hit Japanese band AKB48 was publicly lambasted and forced to apologize on YouTube, where people have watched her tearful confession roughly 5 million times, for the crime of staying a night with her boyfriend. No one’s ever done a fantastic job with managing celebrity […]

Hearing Grace in Modern Art: A Conference Breakout

Let’s not kid ourselves. Modern art is a buzz kill. It’s strange, intimidating, and puts you on the spot. How many times have you been to a museum and stared at a painting of emaciated lines and distorted shapes, knowing you should “get it,” but just can’t, and as the room fills up with what […]