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Mika Waltari and the Divided Self

The following piece comes from, let’s face it, the only person it could come from, a certain beloved speaker at our Fall Conference near Houston, The Very Rev. Dr. PFMZ himself. I first “cottoned on” to the novels of Mika Waltari after I read a passage in Kerouac that lambasted a scene in “The Egyptian”, […]

PZ’s Podcast: Now What?, Amberley Wildbrooks, Hotel Taft, Dissociated Chef d’Oeuvre, First Infinite Frost, and Victor Hugo

Episode 125: Now What? You’ve got to see the Blu Ray of “The Egyptian” (1954). Not just because it displays a certain kind of ‘high water mark’ for the Hollywood studio system and its visual and musical artistry. But also because it enshrines a kind of deep insight that a person simply cannot shake after […]