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Happy New Year: 20 Predictions from the World of Sports

1) Carmelo Anthony will finish third in NBA MVP voting, causing him to reconsider the pencil thin, John Waters mustache look. 2) Tim Tebow will hit the public speaker circuit full-time…and be awesome at it, of course. 3) The NHL will pull the Keyser Soze trick and convince the world that it never existed. 4) […]

Drowning Swimmer or Swimming Drowner? Human Nature in the YMCA Pool

This post will be an embarrassing one. I’ve started swimming at the YMCA in an effort to keep in shape. I think my choice of activities is partly due to residual Olympic-watching  excitement, and partly due to my longstanding hatred of running without a goal to score or basket to make. Swimming, I’m also told, is […]

But How Does Your Embarrassing and Excruciating Loss Make You FEEL? The Pros and Cons of Olympic Sideline “Reporting”

Sideline reporting is a touchy art. Long the province (or ghetto) of beautiful female reporters frozen out of more high-profile jobs, the sidelines of sporting events can (and should) offer closer access to the immediate stories of the contest than that offered by the broadcast booth. Too often, however, sideline reporters satisfy themselves with “human […]

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To – C’mon, REALLY?

I watched The Astronaut Farmer the other night. I got it for $1.99 in a bargain bin at a local record store. It was cute. Worth $1.99, but maybe not $6.00. Billy Bob Thornton plays Farmer, an ex-NASA astronaut who builds a rocket in his barn. He intends to use it to go into space, […]

How Could Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, Tom Daschle and Joaquin Phoenix?!

An insightful (if now slightly dated) look at the cult of celebrity, collective rage and unconscious defense mechanisms from Joe Queenan in The Wall Street Journal via the provocatively titled article “In Praise of Transgressions.” Queenan goes further than the usual deconstruction of pop self-righteousness re: celebrity, i.e. how we build up in order to […]

The Law According To Mark Spitz

Interesting on a number of levels, not the least of which is the fact that he won all those medals with such an awesome mustache, no cap and no goggles:

And here he is in action back in 72: