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O[MG!] Holy Night

A “special” version of “O Holy Night” has been popping up on YouTube in various forms over the past few years. Many have tried their hand at lip synching this utterly dreadful rendition of the Christmas classic. The best version going is from highly talented Mockingfan, Martin Landry. Bringing you a bit of much needed humor this season:

On a more serious note, notice the difference between the popular John Sullivan Dwight (unitarian) version and Adolphe Adam’s original.

Left Behind (The Rapture Song)

Not sure I get all the references, but this is pretty inspired (MG):

On a more serious but related note, Andrew Sullivan posted a great little piece on “Christian Films” last week. And then there’s the No Wizard Left Behind issue that many of us are thinking about this week.

Three Particularly Fine Christian Music Album Covers

Taken from a list of 60 Awesome Christian Music Album Covers (a number of which, I’m proud to say, have already appeared on this site in some context). ht MG: