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Another Week Ends: Randy Travis, Prayer Book Poetry, Sanford’s Tutorial, Ethical Blind Spots, Breaking Bad, Bernie, Glorious Ruin and Cville Conf Update

1. An amazing, amazing article about Randy Travis appeared on The Atlantic, trying to make sense of the country singer’s hellish year. You may know that in August he was booked for a DUI after being found naked on the side of the road (his truck in the middle of a nearby field), and then […]

Brit Hume Explains Himself

A few notable excerpts from an interview the former Fox News anchor did with Christianity Today, regarding his recent bold remarks about Tiger Woods (ht AZ): What about raising the topic of Buddhism? I didn’t say much about Buddhism. Look, I don’t think there’s any question, this is a matter of fact. I don’t think […]

Secret Lives…

This week marks yet another story of the secret lives we are capable of living due to the fallenness of our human nature. Down here in South Carolina, Governor Mark Sanford, a man who has staunchly stood up for family values, was busted for having an extramarital affair with a mistress from Argentina he has […]