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This Just In: Leading Pastor and Author Mark Driscoll Not Holy Enough

This month’s issue of Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of evangelical Christianity, featured an article about friction in a major American evangelical denomination. The denomination is facing a declining membership and theological in-fighting. Some in the organization want to overhaul the way their churches approach ministry and have proposed a major re-think. The article observes: […]

Who Would Jesus Smack Down?

This past Sunday, the New York Times Magazine ran an article by Molly Worthen about pastor Mark Driscoll and his Mars Hill church out in Seattle entitled “Who Would Jesus Smack Down?”. It’s a long feature, and raises a lot of interesting points, focusing mainly on the resurgence of Calvinism in America and the reaction […]

Thoughts on the Bound Will

I was talking with a friend the other day about the bondage of the will, and I was struck by the fact that often times when we talk about the concept of “free will” and the lack thereof, we compromise. We both agreed that there is no such thing as the free will, and yet […]