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For Advent: Fulke Greville’s Chorus Sacerdotum

Here is an inspired text for Advent ‘meditation’ from Fulke Greville, who became the Earl of Warwick, and lived from 1554 to 1628.  He regarded the chief point in his life as having been the bosom friend of Sir Philip Sidney.  Almost no one knew about Greville’s poems, some of the them distinctly ‘Calvinist’, until […]

Three Nice Christian Judges: Why Are They Struggling With The Church?

Three judges are in my mind today. They are the creations of literary craftsmen of the Twentieth Century, and each does his judging in the context of a ‘Christian’ social order, a small town of ‘middle-America’. Each knows his Bible backwards and forwards, each quotes it with zest, and each dispenses mercy from the bench. […]