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David Foster Wallace on David Lynch, Irony, and Preaching

From DFW’s definitive take on Lynch “David Lynch Keeps His Head”: Like most storytellers who use mystery as a structural device and not a thematic device, Lynch is way better at deepening and complicating mysteries than he is at wrapping them up. And [Twin Peaks]’ second season showed that he was aware of this and […]

Another Week Ends: The (Non-)Commercialization of Easter, Realism vs. Despair, Childhood Favorites, LOST, Fat Albert

1. A truly remarkable piece by James Martin over at Slate entitled, “How Easter Stubbornly Resists Commercialization”. A few notable excerpts (ht AZ): “What enables Easter to maintain its religious purity and not devolve into the consumerist nightmare that is Christmas? Well, for one thing, it’s hard to make a palatable consumerist holiday out of […]

Another Weeks Ends: Unemployed Conversion, Galli on Love, Westerberg on Chilton, Tiger, LOST, Elvis’ "Life"

1. “What I Lost When I Lost My Job” by Dominique Browning is the sort of subtle conversion story that will leave you in tears. Published in this past weekend’s NY Times Magazine (of all places), she touches on pretty much every major theme of this website: justification by work(s), achievement-based identity, the death/resurrection paradigm […]

In Anticipation Of LOST Season 6

Silly but funny:

Or just go here.

Favorite Movies, Music and TV of 2009 (Plus)

Okay, here goes. I would break the pop culture of 2009 down this way: a pretty good year for music, an alright year for film and a downright incredible year for television. Five Favorite Films Of 2009* 1. Fantastic Mr Fox 2. District 9 3. In The Loop [warning for profuse-albeit-very-inventive foul language] 4. Coraline […]

Another Week Ends: Wilco, Happiness, Evangelicalism, LOST, Dr. Spaceman

1. Wilco’s new record, Wilco (The Album), leaked earlier this week, prompting the band to stream it on their site for free. A serious review would be premature, but I will say that upon my initial listen, the songs strike me as stronger than those on Sky Blue Sky and the production a bit tighter. […]