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A Mockingbird Guide to A Separate Peace: Chapters 5-9

The Infamous Pink Shirt, Gene’s Atonement Attempts, and the Law of Brinker Hadley

A Mockingbird Guide to A Separate Peace: Chapters 1-4

The Tree of Knowledge and Damnation, SSSotSS, and Friendship and Betrayal

Reckless Love: Sometimes Mercy is Uncomfortable

Our friend/favorite/conference speaker John Newton’s newest book Reckless Love: The Scandal of Grace in a Performance-Driven World puts at odds the reality of the grace we receive daily with the ways we think grace is supposed to work. Instead of something given in return for our own goodness, grace can cause outrage by the abundance with […]

Another Terrible Week Ends

Poems, with their frustrations, are apt oblations. See: A failure of sound in line one, And two. And now three. A fitting clang for a clanging land: Half-formed, One-third too much logic, Savagely lucid, like a siren. Going from Jericho to Jerusalem to family dinner, In a beat-up Buick, taillight out. He groans, Pierced in […]

Another Week Ends: Grand Theft Auto, Angry Net Users, One Way Love, Self-Helpy Great Books, Anti-Altruistic Kickstarters, and More Breaking Bad

1. For starters, Grand Theft Auto V is out! (If you need a strong case for dabbling in it, go here). Kill Screen posted a doozie of a review, provocatively titled, “Grand Theft Auto 5 channels the violent, lonely minds of men, especially mine“, ht SZ: I shudder with recognition… at the bleeding edge of reality […]

Short Story Wednesdays: “An Encounter” by James Joyce

Introducing a new feature! Weekly or quasi-weekly postings of short stories followed by a few observations/thoughts on the story – they’ll all be available online, and discussion is (highly) encouraged for those who are inclined. As an opening salvo, I thought we’d look at “An Encounter” from James Joyce’s Dubliners, a beautiful little composition set in […]

Eating Poorly, Sleeping Well: Mockingjay and the End of Progress

You can either eat well, or sleep peacefully -German proverb There are dystopian novel plots that resolve, and there are those that do not. Commercial success demands resolution, which is a great reason why Collins will have to overcome a credibility barrier with adolescents and young adults if she ever wants to match The Hunger Games […]