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Shock Value

This one was written by Nathan F. Elmore. Se7en, David Fincher’s 1995 somber thriller, showcases my third-favorite villainous film character. It’s a dubious ranking, to be sure. Nonetheless, for me, in second place: Heath Ledger’s terroristic turn as the kind of Joker who is not kidding about burning it all down in Christopher Nolan’s Batman […]

Love the Art, Hate the Artist?

A phenomenal piece from our friend, Abby Farson Pratt, who asks what we do when we’re all monsters.  We’re feeling pretty good about ourselves these days. We are doing a lot of smirking, a lot of finger-pointing, a lot of handing down of fatwas on Twitter. When we cut someone off in traffic or lie […]

Hell’s Capital: Watching Season One of House of Cards

Everything was clean, so precise and towering I was welcomed with open arms, I received so much help in every way, I felt no fear…I felt like I belonged –Wilco, “Hell Is Chrome” “You know what I like about people? They stack so well.” If hell is not chrome in House of Cards, it is […]