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Joseph Arthur Is Putting the Boogie Back in Christ

Christ would be handsome / Christ would be gross Christ would buy butter / And make you some toast Christ would be savage / But Christ would be true …This is the Ballad of Boogie Christ My first Joseph Arthur record was his sixth–Nuclear Daydream (2006)–which had the track, an anthem of mine in college, […]

Another Week Ends: Successful Blueprints, Redemptive Politicians, Don Draper’s Truth, Marital Advice, Humanist Blasphemy, Mavis Staples, Bono, and Dropping Keys

1. This is embarrassing to admit. As much as I love The Replacements, it is The Wilson Quarterly that has truly been rocking my world this past week. Two articles in particular, both from their Spring issue, are worth mentioning here. First, there’s Sarah Courteau’s “Feel Free to Help Yourself”, in which the author surveys […]