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Another Week Ends: Facebook Blues, Freshman Blues, Bowling Blues, Val Kilmer and The Office

1. Libby Copeland at Slate asks the question “Is Facebook Making Us Sad?”, unpacking some findings from a recent study at Stanford. Very relevant stuff: “The researchers found that their subjects consistently underestimated how dejected others were–and likely wound up feeling more dejected as a result. Jordan got the idea for the inquiry after observing […]

On The Relationship Between Fart And Morality

When we think about ethics and morality, we often think that it is rational. Morality requires making judgments of right and wrong, and making judgments about what is right and wrong is a matter of logic and reasoning. But researchers interested in the psychology of morality are finding that morality is much more embodied and […]

How Will You Keep Christmas This Year? (Part 3)

When I say Christmas, I will bet that the first thing that comes to your mind is not “the incarnation of God the Son”. I’ll bet the image in your mind has something to do with a manger and a baby and shepherds and wise men, or something along those lines. And there’s nothing wrong […]

For My Safety??

Recently, my town installed a large decorative fountain in the local park in an effort to spruce up the neighborhood. About a week after the fountain was built, this sign appeared next to the fountain. I believe this sign is a strikingly honest reflection of the nature of the law, aka, the “ought’s” of life. […]

Top Five Best Fantasy Novels

I am sure we all have our own views on which are the five best fantasy novels, but I thought I would throw in my own two cents on this important topic. For those who are not entirely clear on what I mean by ‘fantasy novel’, I am referring to those books that are often […]

Mad Men

Like a lot of people, I don’t put much stock in things like the Emmy Awards. But when the nominations were announced a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help but be excited to hear that they recognized my favorite new show, Mad Men. As the first original series produced by American Movie Classics (AMC), […]