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You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory (Esp a False One)

Another worthy addendum to our series on self-justification, and the role that memory plays, from Wired, “How Friends Ruin Memory: The Social Conformity Effect.” Where Tavris and Aronson chalk false memories primarily up to internal factors – the reducing of cognitive dissonance and reinforcing of our pre-existing self-image – the article highlights a few recent […]

Steve Jobs, Positively 4th Street, and the Upside of Anger

Apple cultivates such a serene image, it’s hard to believe that the underlying corporate culture, at least if reports about the late Steve Jobs’ management techniques are to be believed, is one of confrontation, brutal criticism and threat. Then again, perfectionism tends to produce such fruit. Sort of the opposite of Pixar, which is ironic, […]

Horrible Bosses Actually Will Kill You

Another fascinating little report from Jonah Lehrer, this time in Wired, about the relationship between mortality and stress in the workplace. The researchers talk about the correlation between “control” and stress, namely, that those with more control over their work, while shouldering additional responsibility, ultimately experience less negative stress and therefore live longer. (Oddly enough, […]

Scientific Bias and the Mismeasure of Stephen Jay Gould

Jonah Lehrer continued his assault on inflated anthropology – our term for overly optimistic understandings of human nature – in The Wall Street Journal last week, with an excellent little article on scientific bias, “When We See What We Want.” He takes Stephen Jay Gould’s landmark 1981 repudiation proto-Eugenicist Samuel Morton, and “craniometry” in general, […]

Irreplicability, Publication Bias, The Decline Effect and The Scientific Method

Another worthy addition to our coverage of all things human fallibility-related from Jonah Lehrer, published a few weeks ago in The New Yorker. Specifically, on the increasingly complicated nature of epistemology in the modern scientific community. It would appear that “hard” scientists run into more problems replicating significant results than they would care to admit. […]

Social Science Round-Up: The Chemistry of Self-Control, Giving > Receiving, Truth & Repetition, and Upperclass (non-)Empathy

A bunch of relevant recent studies: 1. David Brooks put together a fascinating little survey of recent social science findings in his column this past week, including this nugget about self-control being as much a matter of nutrition as willpower: “Self-control consumes glucose in the brain. For an article in the journal Aggressive Behavior, Nathan […]

The Paradox of Power

A flat-out fascinating article from Jonah Lehrer (author of many such articles) from this past weekend’s Wall Street Journal about the nature of power. Some of us might contend that power simply reveals the natural state of man, etc, but regardless, there are some positively Beatitudinal forces at work here. I’ve heard about studies that […]

The Upside Of Depression?

From Jonah Lehrer’s fascinating article in last week’s NY Times magazine entitled “Depression’s Upside” which traces the research currently being done on depression from an evolutionary perspective, i.e. the attempt to answer the question, “Is there an evolutionary purpose to depression and if so what is it?”. Shaky ground…  Most of the article outlines the […]

Seeing is Believing, but. . .

For all of us looking for the Holy Grail of sure-to-please cocktail party anecdotes–you know, the elusive mix of neuroscience and Vegas magic–well, look no further. In an article entitled Magic and the Brain: Teller Reveals the Neuroscience of Illusion, Jonah (the) Lehrer explains: For Teller (that’s his full legal name), magic is more than […]

To Earthward, by Robert Frost

Love at the lips was touchAs sweet as I could bear;And once that seemed too much;I lived on air That crossed me from sweet things,The flow of – was it muskFrom hidden grapevine springsDown hill at dusk? I had the swirl and acheFrom sprays of honeysuckleThat when they’re gathered shakeDew on the knuckle. I craved […]