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The Calipari Complex: When Perfection Is Perfectable

I am a Kentucky fan, and because I am a Kentucky fan, I know about expectations. It’s not so much that victory last night–Kentucky’s eighth national championship–wasn’t a thrill. It’s not that everyone in Lexington clicked off their television sets and sighed a sigh of a job well done, a season well-lived, and with a […]

Justifying the “Student-Athlete”: Amateurism, Whoremasters, and the Temple the NCAA Built

A friend said this week that only in America, and particularly in the American South, can one speak justifiably and hear no condemnation, about spending the entirety of every minute of every fall weekend amassed in beer, tailgating food, and endless football games. This kind of attentive fanmanship constitutes an active weekend. It hasn’t always […]