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Iron Mike Mellows Out

The mesmerizing jumble of contradictions that is Mike Tyson soldiers on! The NY Times magazine published a treasure trove of soundbites on identity formation/deconstruction last week in their profile, The Suburbanization of Mike Tyson. Mike appears to be turning his back on the glory-culture that’s defined him lo these many years, and doing so with […]

A True Mockingbird Moment

After over a year of being involved with this blog, I have started to see things that scream to be posted. I’m sure many of you can relate! Even so, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this book at a New Jersey Turnpike rest area: My favorite part is the back cover blurb: […]

Drunk and Interesting: Human Nature?

“Things are getting interesting…” This ad campaign FASCINATES me. The image to the right graces a billboard in Jersey City that I see all the time. Commuters from Jersey to NYC see it just before they get to the Holland Tunnel. The first time I saw it, the message blew my mind. It seems to […]