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Another Week Ends: The End of the World, the Illusion of Sigmund Freud, the Anthropology of Jerry Lewis, Clean Eating, Tech Panic, and the Hangovers of Young Behavioral Scientists

1. This morning, I found myself engrossed in The Guardian’s latest “long read,” an essay by Dina Nayeri, “Yearning for the End of the World.” Nayeri writes about growing up in Iran during the revolution, attending an underground church that ached for the Rapture. Her family fled to America in 1989, only to find a similar eschatology […]

4.5 Links 4 The Weekend

1. Michael Jackson has just announced 50 dates in London. He’s claiming THIS IS IT, as far as live performances are concerned (at least in London). The pre-sale for the first ten shows set a record for fastest ticket sales of all-time. In other news, yours truly has a 30th birthday coming up… You can […]