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Martin Luther vs. English Christmas Carols

Merry Happy Christmas!

NBC Cut the Best Part of the Opening Ceremonies

Like most of you (I’m guessing), I’m a huge fan of the Olympics. I’m a total sucker for hour after hour of swimming, diving, gymnastics, handball, whatever, and have spent the last few days stuck to the couch alongside my wife and kids. Unlike most of you (I’m guessing), I’m also a huge fan of […]

PZ’s Podcast 112 & 113: Kipling’s Lightworks and The Two Geralds

Episode 112: Kipling’s Lightworks Kipling shed light! This second talk on his poems and short stories, but especially his poems, sings the praises of the inspired bard. Interestingly, two of his best hymns were cut from The Hymnal (1982) — and not on “political correctness” grounds but on Christological grounds. It was thought that “Recessional” […]