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Love Is on the Beach: A Review of HBO’s Preamar

Total depravity is hot right now – at least if we’re talking TV. Breaking Bad dramatically covers a guy who hits rock-bottom with a diagnosis and then, (un)surprisingly, continues bottoming out in a series of ever-increasing grabs for power, wealth, and influence, using his chemist skills to begin a long ascent through the world of crystal […]

Why Cheaters Never Lose in the Game of Thrones

Spoiler Alert! This post deals with the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. When Ned Stark was executed in the next-to-last episode of Season 1, there was universal shock and outrage. George R.R. Martin is one of the most simultaneously loved and hated people in the fantasy-geek (and now TV-watching) community, and he reportedly […]

The Beautiful Ugliness of HBO: A Conference Breakout

I don’t wanna just survive. It says in these movie writing books that every character has an arc. Understand? … Everybody starts out somewheres. And they do something, something gets done to them and it changes their life. That’s called an arc. Where’s my arc?  -Christopher Moltisanti, The Sopranos HBO’s wild success in premium television […]

No Man (Woman, Child) Is An Island…

If you’ve seen Hemingway and Gellhorn, HBO’s most recent throw-as-much-money-as-you-can-at-it-and-see-what-happens attempt at a small screen blockbuster, I have no doubt you feel strongly about the movie. Unfortunately for HBO, the majority feel strongly that the movie stinks. I’m a lifelong and devoted Hemingway fan. I’ve always been fascinated with (read “envied”) his larger than life persona…not […]

Another (Holy) Week Ends: Unachievement, Damsels Reviews, Gastrodad Confessions, Youth Ministry, Music Snobs, Girls and Darth Vader

1. At this point, you’ve likely seen Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek cover story on the “Crisis in Christianity”. While there’s regrettably little talk of salvation – which I’m not sure is really within the purview of such a piece – and the reference to Jefferson is a bit dubious, the overall diagnosis strikes me as sound. […]

Another Week Ends: Inner Machiavellians, Lutheran Insults, Whisky Priests, Monkees, Mets, Parenthood, Veep, Viola Davis and Frankenweenie

1. I’ll admit it: I’ve been trying to lay off the David Brooks, at least in the Weekend columns. As insightful as he frequently is, there are plenty of fish in the digital sea, are there not? Well, to paraphrase a Pacino, every time I think I’m out, he pulls me back in. That is […]

The Inability to Change Larry David in Any Way

I have a conflicted relationship with HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. I can’t help but respect its no-holds-barred honesty about human self-centeredness, the undeniable gift Larry David has for bringing out the comprehensive absurdity of our attempts to justify our foolishness, the way our little agendas collide those of our loved ones, indeed how the little […]

Frannie Lebowitz on Revenge, Forgiveness and Christianity

It’s hard to say whether Martin Scorsese’s documentary about writer/humorist/public intellectual Frannie Lebowitz, Public Speaking, was the best documentary of 2010, or whether Frannie was simply the most interesting documentary subject of 2010. And I’m not sure it matters. The film is a non-stop delight because she is a non-stop delight, spewing witticism after witticism, […]

God Is My Co-Pilot

Jimmy McNulty, Walter White and the Search for a Gracious God

There have not been many television shows as good as the HBO series The Wire. Some, such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad, are in the same league. Others would probably argue for Friday Night Lights (this is a great dispensation for television!). Whatever your poison might be, The Wire and I have spent a […]