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On TV: The Leftovers

And now for some thoughts on Damon Lindelof (LOST) and Peter Berg’s (Friday Night Lights) new show on HBO, The Leftovers. Spoiler Warning!

Checking in with Game of Thrones (4.8)

Spoilers to episode 8 follow: As Tyrion awaits his trial by combat, which will determine his capital guilt or innocence, he tells the story of a cousin back at Casterly Rock who was dropped on his head by a maester and spent all his boyhood crushing beetles with rocks. The implication is clear: once everything […]

Sending Your Child to Summer Grief Camp

If your Kleenexes are collecting dust, or your heartstrings are–and you happen to have HBO–their latest documentary will take you where you need to go. It’s only 30-minutes long, but One Last Hug has the abreactive torque of an emotional 18-wheeler. It details the stories of a handful of children, and three days of their […]

On TV: Checking in with Game of Thrones

1. Rolling Stone yesterday published previously unreleased GRRM material, editorial outtakes from an interview with Martin from last week. Among other great material, this gem on low anthropology, followed by a great redemption quote from the published interview, ht AOC: On the show’s ambiguous line between good and evil: We see a moral evolution, perhaps, on the […]

On TV: “Two Swords”, Game of Thrones (4.1)

Spoilers Below “Chaos isn’t a pit; chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm or the gods or love – illusions. Only the ladder is real. […]

Another Week Ends: Amy Chua’s Three Traits for Success, Nietzsche’s Subversion of Atheism, Why Fun Is Fun, The Eighth-Grade Ubermensch, Dostoevsky’s Internet Anxiety and Lena Dunham’s Eden

1. What happens when you combine an unshakeable superiority complex with deep insecurity? Probably a nervous breakdown in mid-life, or Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan. But Amy Chua (of “Tiger Mother” fame) asks us to guess again. The real answer is… success. For those unfamiliar with her work on hyper-controlling parenting (using that adjective as value-neutrally as possible), it’s […]

On TV: “Form and Void”, True Detective

[Spoiler Alert] The closing installment of the hitherto brilliant True Detective may have disappointed some. There were all sorts of outlandish theories, complex and convoluted, some with only minimal support from prior episodes. Most notably, people thought that Maggie was going to be a killer, or her father, because her and Marty’s children arrayed their male dolls […]

Everybody’s Guilty on True Detective

Raise your hand if you’re currently obsessed with HBO’s True Detective. Okay, hands down – you’re all suspects. I’ve been telling myself to hold off on writing about the series until it finishes, that it’s far too elegant to take apart before we have all the pieces. And it is. HBO has given us an […]

Control Gets Out of Hand: An Interview with the Cast of PREAMAR

Tragically, one of the most underappreciated shows on television, Estevão Ciavatta’s magnificent PREAMAR, has been discontinued by HBO as a result of their contentiousness over production rights. While we sincerely hope that HBO will change its mind or that someone else will pick up this masterpiece of Ipanema, for the time being our friend Fernanda […]

Sanctimonious? Think Again – The Fall in The Newsroom, Season 2

[Spoiler Alert! – Latest Episode] The second Will McAvoy admits fault, he’s started on a path toward redemption – and Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom along with him, in perhaps its best episode so far. We postmoderns are on a long, brutal hangover from idealism – especially its horrific twentieth-century manifestations – and, like a last-night […]

Gideon’s Army and the Best Attorney There Is

HBO has been on fire with their summer documentary series, but the highlight thus far has definitely been Gideon’s Army. Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court ruled in Gideon v. Wainwright that everybody deserves legal representation in the court system, and if somebody cannot afford representation, then the state must provide an attorney for them. […]

To the Dark Side of The Newsroom: Thoughts on Season Two

The best criticism of Aaron Sorkin’s first season of his Utopian TV news series was that it was too sanctimonious. It was too sanctimonious, but Season 2 is looking to turn things around on that front – spoiler alert. Season 1 was a thrill for anyone with an idealistic bent: Sorkin invited us to imagine […]