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Merry Halloween

Halloween has become more Christian than Christmas. Christians have long had issues with Halloween. We’re not sure what to make of it, we’re not sure if it’s ok to celebrate it, if we’re celebrating demons, monsters, and evil things. Michael Jackson, at the beginning of the landmark video for “Thriller,” felt compelled to provide a […]

“Strange Fascination, Fascinating Me”: John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

The third installment for Blake & Ian’s four-part series is Ian’s second selection, the 1982 classic creature flick The Thing, directed by John Carpenter andstarring Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley & T. K. Carter. Ian: John Carpenter’s The Thing is a masterpiece of cosmic/body horror which viscerally manifests the alien abjection of sin. Through masterful use of freezing, tension-fraught […]

“Just The Two Of Us”: Robert Harmon’s The Hitcher (1986)

The second film selection for Blake & Ian’s four-part series comes from Blake’s selection of favorite horror films, the 1986 version of The Hitcher, starring Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Blake: Jim Halsey: Why are you doing this to me? John Ryder: You’re a smart kid…figure it out. Whether it’s the rise […]

“Is This Real Life or Is This Just Fantasy”: Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr (1932)

Ian Olson (who brought Mbird a wonderful reflection on Law and Grace in the new Godzilla) and I decided to put together a 4-part series in celebration of October and Halloween–Mbird-style, of course! We both chose two of our favorite horror films and wrote an article for each one and then allowed the other to […]

Halloween/Reformation Day Linkathon: Equal Opportunity Holidays, Fat Letters, Midnight Coteries, The Returned and more Lou Reed

A quick grab bag in honor of the day: 1. Over at Liberate Nick Lannon reflects on the gratuity of Halloween relative to Christmas, stating from the outset that “Halloween has become more Christian than Christmas”. He’s not wrong: “Consider the theological implications of Halloween. Halloween is the ultimate equal opportunity holiday. EVERYONE gets candy. […]

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror, Pt. 6: The End (Is Not The End)

When I first decided to put this series together, I was planning on using several different sources as jumping off points for each post. But the more I consulted Eugene Thacker’s In the Dust of This Planet: Horror of Philosophy vol. 1, the more I realized how essential it was to providing a solid foundation […]

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror, Pt. 5: The Creature Feature

This past weekend I set out to watch my three personal favorites of the creature feature sub-genre. Considering it was also my twenty-ninth birthday, these viewings made for good celebration (red flag: this guy is a little off, methinks). My selections may show my “chronological snobbery” (C.S. Lewis), but rest assured, I am in no […]

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror, Pt. 4: The Apparition

Have you ever had an experience with a ghost or spirit? Odds are, like most haunted house movies, the set up involved an unfamiliar setting and a kid, or kids. They are more willing to ‘expect the unexpected’ after all. For instance, perhaps you can imagine a situation in a house in the middle of […]

More Jimmy Kimmel on Luke 11:11-13

Last Christmas, we posted Jimmy Kimmel’s segment, “I Gave My Kids A Terrible Present,” featuring parents who pranked their kids by giving them terrible Christmas presents. Presents like a half-eaten sandwich wrapped up in a big box. Parents recorded their kids’ reactions, and the resulting tantrums and tears were hilarious and theologically insightful, to say the least.

This Halloween, Kimmel brought back his original prank, “I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy,” showing kids reacting to the news that their parents ate all their Halloween candy. Overall, it’s pretty similar stuff: kids crying and throwing tantrums, hilarity (and depravity?) ensues. This seasonal compilation, however, has a bit of a surprise ending. It gives grace-in-parenting a whole new meaning…

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror, Pt 2: The Slasher

Here we go with part two of Blake Collier’s budding In the Event of a Cosmic Horror franchise. To read part one, go here. The Slasher Because I am a bit of a masochist, I am going to start the breakdown of horror sub genres with an analysis of the slasher film. No type of […]

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror, Pt 1

This one comes to us from new contributor Blake Collier: I am, currently, on the cusp of finishing thirty-one straight days of watching slasher films for my annual October horror film marathon. I decided to do a chronological cross-section of the slasher sub-genre from Psycho (1960), the film that most influenced the slasher film, to […]

Michael Jackson’s Ghosts

With Halloween/Reformation Day almost here, what better time to revisit Michael Jackson’s 1996 little-seen opus Ghosts? Conceived as a Thriller-style mini-movie (or maxi-video), the 40-minute “horror” piece never really saw the light of day, and remains unavailable on DVD. Thank God for youtube! Thank God also for Nathan Rabin of The A/V Club, who just […]