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The Gospel According to Hoosiers, Part 2: Hickory’s Leper and the Love that Takes No Account

In part 1, we touched on the moment where Coach Dale experienced grace from i-dotting and t-crossing extraordinaire, Ms. Myra Fleener. This installment will focus on another unlikely, yet incredibly encouraging relationship in the classic 1986 film. The town of Hickory has a town drunk and his name is “Shooter” Flatch, who is also one […]

The Gospel According to Hoosiers, Part 1: The Brutality of Judgment and the End of Chasing

There’s no question that Hoosiers is the best sports movie ever made ever, period. While I’m slightly biased, the film actually appears on most sports movie “top 10” or “greatest” lists. The incredible soundtrack and Gene Hackman’s sweet leather jacket are not the only reasons I adore the film. The ways in which the inevitable themes […]