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Simul Iustus et Schizophrenic: A Quick One from Clinical Theology

Dr. Frank Lake was that rarest of beasts: a clinical psychologist, a pastoral counselor, and a learned theologian. Not surprisingly, we consider him a hero. In his landmark Clinical Theology, a textbook for pastoral counselors and theologically serious therapists, he relates classic Protestant anthropology and Christology to the process of psychoanalysis, using real-world case studies (and the Bible) as his foundation. The following is a characteristically profound quote on the simultaneity […]

Frank Lake on Confession, Depression and The Dangers of Religious Duty

From pages 350-351 of Clinical Theology, a Theological And Psychiatric Basis to Clinical Pastoral Care (Volume 1), ht JL: “There is all the difference in the world between the word ‘must’ as an ethical obligation which can be fulfilled by an external act of mere attendance, and as an ontological statement, affirming that this is […]

Frank Lake on Clinical Theology, True Guilt and the Pardoxical Impasse of Success

It seems to me that a staple of Christian life–even if we aren’t willing to admit it!–is the phenomenon of “feeling guilty”. Even though we know our sins have been forgiven, we still feel guilty, sometimes even more guilty than we might otherwise feel. This applies to any number of things, from wasting far too […]