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Shaping the Future

The following was originally delivered as a keynote at the 149th Annual Episcopal Diocesan Convention in Harrisburg, PA. SHAPE is a verb and a noun. I shape buildings every day. So I verb-shape to make noun-shapes. I am a Christian, too. Over the last 40 years, I have designed and worked on worship spaces. But […]

Long Suffering, Teary-Eyed, Catch-Playing Fathers (and Their Grateful Children)

A couple of post-Father’s Day items to make us all cry. The first comes from Tiffany Thompson and appeared in The Toronto Standard, a funny, honest, and ultimately incredibly touching account of a father-daughter relationship “Disappointing Dad: Reflections on Father’s Day”. One part Protestant guilt, three parts Grace equals more than an echo of heavenly […]

The Alan Parsons Project: I, On the Other Hand, Wouldn’t Want to Be Like ME!

Now THIS song has, as they say, a stone groove, man… This awesome Alan Parsons Project song is from their album I, Robot, and is called “I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You.”  It could well serve as a rallying cry for disaffected youth everywhere, be they Occupy-ers, Alex P. Keaton-ers, or anything in between. […]