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PZ’s Podcast, 84-89: Yvette Vickers, Protestant Episcopal SuperMarionation I&II, Bette Davis Eyes, Tana and Tahrir, and Pacific Overtures

Thanks again for your patience with us this past week. As you’ll see, while the site slept, some of us were busy! Episode 84: Yvette Vickers (f. 4.27.11) Newspapers and blogs seem to settle for the categorical in reporting such events as the discovery, on April 27, 2011, of the body of Yvette Vickers in […]

Individuality, Fashion, and the Gospel

What do you think about when you buy an article of clothing? I recently lost my glasses and had to buy a new pair and realized just how much went into my decision. Do I want the thick black framed, Buddy Holly glasses? Do I want the Sarah Palin frameless glasses? Do I want the […]

The Law of Seersucker…101 Days and Counting

While many down South have been wearing various articles of clothing made of the lightweight and extremely fashionable fabric known as seersucker since Easter Sunday, those of you up North (as of Memorial Day) are now officially allowed to don clothing made from the ever so comfortable, light and airy, all-cotton fabric. Society tells us […]