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The Right to Be a Rotter: Jean Vanier on Reality

Jean Vanier: Essential Writings is a collection of short, probing insights from the Canadian ex-naval officer who founded L’Arche, a network of inclusive communities for people with intellectual disabilities. This is from a section called “Reality”: I have always wanted to write a book called ‘The Right to Be a Rotter.’ A fairer title is […]

The Glory in the Struggle – Team USA at The World Cup

I found myself getting frustrated on my commute into work on Tuesday morning. All of the chatter on  sports talk radio was about how “lucky” Team USA was to defeat Ghana in the World Cup on Monday night, and about how poorly Team USA played. I must not have been watching the same game. I […]

The Freedom of Robert Galbraith

As we all know, expectations can be crippling. Success breeds expectations for more success and higher, sometimes unfair, scrutiny can be placed upon a person. This scrutiny can be debilitating, and after an acclaimed bestseller – well, what do you write next? Last year, J.K. Rowling published her first book since the finale of Harry […]

Freedom in the Hard Outback of the Law: Cold Chisel’s “Bow River”

Back in the early 90s I was introduced to an Australian rock ’n’ roll band called Cold Chisel. I’d never heard of them, but immediately became a convert and fan. They were Australia’s working class band; not the panache or hip-ness of INXS. Their music, instead, was driven, sometimes recklessly. Filled with angst, nostalgia, and […]