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The Devil and Jacob Smith

“Ralph, I Got My Ass Handed to Me in Cairo.”

Another Week Ends: Forgiving Kings, Forgiving Narcissists, Polite Smart Speakers, Religious Parties, and the Saddest Croatian

1. They say never talk religion and politics, so let’s increase the trespass and start our time this week with a discussion of religion and politics. Michele Margolis is a U Penn political science professor who specializes in the link between faith and government. She makes the case that we’ve got the chicken and egg […]

Nine Musical Discoveries of 2010

Most of these have been fairly well documented on here. But just in case you missed it (lucky you!), here are nine or so particularly fertile areas of the musical landscape that I’ve explored this year: 9. Mary Star of the Sea – Zwan. 2010 was the year my anti-Billy Corgan snobbery finally bit the […]

Elvis Sings Blue Christmas

From the 68 Comeback Special. Never been bettered?

You Gave Me A Mountain – Elvis in Hawaii

Characteristically rousing version of one of The King’s most (ridiculously) cruciform songs. Talk about the “old Adam” dying a slow death! How I wish Elvis could have heard Simeon Zahl’s “Experiencing The Spirit In Failure And In Love” talk from last weekend’s conference… Or at least yours truly’s dead-serious “Mockingbird = Elvis Presley” opening gambit. But hey, that Ronnie Tutt sure can drum!

Another Week Ends returns next week. But not before the conference talks are posted. I promise.

p.s. Anyone else notice that Elvis’ “American Trilogy” plays during the climatic scene of Kick-Ass?! Very gratifying.

Men With Broken Hearts – Hank Williams via Elvis

One of Hank Williams’ greatest spoken word pieces and quite a punch in the gut. But also pretty fitting as we approach Good Friday. Williams understood the leveled-playing field of suffering better than anyone (ht DB): You’ll meet many just like me upon life’s busy street With shoulders stooped and heads bowed low and eyes […]

Another Weeks Ends: Unemployed Conversion, Galli on Love, Westerberg on Chilton, Tiger, LOST, Elvis’ "Life"

1. “What I Lost When I Lost My Job” by Dominique Browning is the sort of subtle conversion story that will leave you in tears. Published in this past weekend’s NY Times Magazine (of all places), she touches on pretty much every major theme of this website: justification by work(s), achievement-based identity, the death/resurrection paradigm […]

"I Know Practically Every Religious Song That’s Ever Been Written" Or, Elvis Sings Gospel

Can’t let the Elvis flame go out quite yet… Here’s an annotated playlist of 20 of the King’s best gospel recordings, interpreting the term ‘gospel’ pretty loosely – anything related to the Bible, God or Christianity qualified. By way of a disclaimer, almost none of EP’s earliest gospel recordings are included. They may be beautiful […]

Three More Hunks O Burning Elvis

A trio of amazing yet divergent clips, the first one from the same movie as Rubberneckin, with a bit of an EWTN vibe. The most rockin’ (post-Vatican II…) Catholic Mass of all-time?

The second from Elvis’ very brief psychedelic period (sort of a “Bringing You The Gospel Vein“):

Thirdly, there’s the infamous “Song Of The Shrimp”, dedicated to Jeff Hual and the whole Pensacola crew (entire mini-conference now available as a single file). Goodbye, Mama Shrimp!

Stop, Look and Listen, Baby! The King Goes Rubberneckin’

I realized the other day that we’ve talked far too little on this site about Elvis Presley. I hereby pledge to do my best to rectify the situation. After all, we do believe that God became (Tiger) Man… Elvis has one of the more powerful and extensive (and underrated) Gospel catalogues around, but that’s not […]