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Nobody Who Lives Can Fool a Child

Another one from E.E. Cummings’ “Santa Claus: A Morality”: 

Ladies and gentlemen: if you all have been
deceived by some impostor — so have I.
If you have all been tricked and ruined — so have I.
And so has every man and woman, I say.
I say it, and you feel it in your hearts:
we are all of us no longer glad and whole,
we have all of us sold our spirits into death.,
we are all of us the sick parts of a sick thing,
we have all of us lost our living honesty,
and so we are all of us not any more ourselves.
— Who can tell the truth from falsehood any more?
I say it, and you feel it in your hearts:
No man or woman on this big small earth.
–How should our sages miss the mark of life,
and our most skillful players lose the game?
your hearts will tell you, as my heart has told me:
because all know, and no one understands.
–O, we are all so very full of knowing,
that we are empty, empty of understanding;
but, by that emptiness I swear to you
(and if I lie, ladies and gentlemen,
hang me a little higher than the sky)
all men and every woman may be wrong;
but nobody who lives can fool a child.

Santa Claus Argues With Death – E.E. Cummings

From the legendary poet’s Santa Claus: A Morality (1946):

But surely nothing could be simpler
than taking something which is freely offered.

You’re speaking of a true or actual world.
Imagine, if you can, a world so blurred
that its inhabitants are one another
— an idiotic monster of negation:
so timid, it would rather starve itself
eternally than run the risk of choking;
so greedy, nothing satisfies its hunger
but always huger quantities of nothing —
a world so lazy that it cannot dream;
so blind, it worships its own ugliness:
a world so false, so trivial, so unso,
phantoms are solid by comparison.

my father moved through dooms of love

from the poem by e.e. cummings   my father moved through dooms of love through sames of am through haves of give, singing each morning out of each night my father moved through depths of height   * * *     his flesh was flesh his blood was blood: no hungry man but wished […]