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Coming Attractions

Here are seven movies being released on DVD in Jan/Feb (most of them on Jan 11 or 18). I haven’t seen them yet — but they all feel like home runs. Get Low. “A deft blend of dark humor and poignancy” and a huge standout from a MB perspective. Read this great Christianity Today interview […]

A Mini-Conference Preview, Pt 4: Paul Zahl’s New Persuasive Words, Talk 2

As part of the preview for our upcoming mini-conference in Pensacola (Nov. 19&20), we are pleased to offer the second talk from Paul Zahl’s wonderful New Persuasive Words DVD. Dr. Zahl will be speaking in Pensacola on the subject of “Revisiting the Gospel Message: Grace Again” and “Connecting With the Gospel In and Through the […]

Walker Percy on New Persuasive Words

From Conversations with Walker Percy (ht MS): “The main difficulty is that of language. Of course the deeper themes of my novels are religious. When you speak of religion, it’s almost impossible for a novelist because you have to use the standard words like ‘God’ and ‘salvation’ and ‘baptism,’ ‘faith,’ and the words are pretty […]

Stiffelio, Cards From Another World, and A Great Eucatastrophe

Earlier this summer, Mockingbird recommended an 1850 Verdi opera entitled Stiffelio. If you managed to catch this on DVD, you were no doubt confronted as I was with a theme as old as the Gospel, a theme that is the Gospel: the theme of our brokenness and God’s unmerited favor reaching out to us in […]

Another Week Ends: Conan, Benefits of Tears, Don Miller, Romantic Comedies, TRON

1. An insider’s perspective on Conan O’Brien’s final days on The Tonight Show by Todd Levin at GQ. Beautiful stuff. It would appear that, freed of all expectations, creativity and fun thrived on the set. Go figure (ht JD): We produced some of the show’s most memorable moments in those last weeks, like the $1.5 million […]

Speaking of Thornton Wilder…

The great author expressing a similar sentiment as the one which inspires PZ’s new DVD (below), slightly elucidated, and touching on some of Mockingbird’s core concerns. This comes from the final paragraph of the foreward to his book of short plays The Angel That Troubled The Waters: “The last four plays here were written within […]

Lady And The Tramp and The Last Days Of Disco

I’ve posted a transcription of this before, but it’s so much better on screen:

For our interview with writer-director Whit Stillman, go here.  To purchase the DVD of The Last Days Of Disco (highly, highly recommended), go here.

Coming Attractions

A month from now I’ll be reviewing Paradise Postponed. It was shown here in the US in the mid-80s and has been unavailable ever since. It releases in the US on DVD on Oct 6 and I can’t wait! Run to your NetFlix queue and add it now… 🙂 One of the many reasons to […]

History Is Made At Night: An Interview with Filmmaker Whit Stillman

To celebrate the release of his first new film in fourteen years, Damsels in Distress, here’s the interview we conducted with filmmaker Whit Stillman in 2009. Good Times! – Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco has finally made its long-awaited DVD debut in an exquisite edition from the Criterion Collection. The final (and some might […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Fantasy, Dreamlife, and Childhood

Come away O human childTo the waters and the wildWith a fairy hand in handFor the world’s more full of weepingThan you can understand.— W.B. Yeats, by way of Steven Spielberg’s AI “…if we’re to be helped, it’s got to be by magic.”— Woody Allen, by way of Mockingbird (7/21/09) This week I’d like to […]

In Memoriam

A belated post for Memorial Day: A friend of mine who is a Marine Lieutenant Colonel asked me recently if he had ever told me why he felt so strongly about coming to adult Sunday school and learning about the gospel. I told him that no, he had never mentioned it. I will never forget […]

The Curse In All Its Beauty!

Today, I received this video and I think it is beautiful. However, at the same time I can’t help but think of the curse: “The Lord God said to the serpent, Because you have done this cursed are you above all livestock and above all beasts of the field on your belly shall you go […]