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PZ’s Podcast: Dualism Clinic with Dennis Wheatley (plus, the Ending of The Devil Rides Out)

EPISODE 182 It’s not that one’s “dialing back” on insights hard won from the last five years. No, it’s just that you have to be true to the whole of experience. And experience teaches that monism — the “bulk” picture of what we see and face — requires an element of enhancement. That element comes under the heading […]

PZ’s Podcast: Dualism Clinic with James Bernard

We’ve gotten some feedback about our podcasts no longer automatically refreshing in either iTunes or on mobile devices (since iTunes’ last software update). We’re working on a fix for phones, but if your iTunes hasn’t refreshed PZP or The Mockingpulpit since November, click here for a solution. EPISODE 181 Simeon Zahl has recently confirmed an […]