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When St. Joseph Saved Christmas

Every year the Christmas story rolls around and we often wonder what part Joseph played in the divine narrative. He went from trying to quietly reject Mary to being by her side for the entire cosmic experience. From all accounts, once Joseph was in, he was all in. And given the dangers of childbirth, particularly for an unwed mother, […]

How Will You Keep Christmas This Year? (Part 1)

An editorial appeared last year in the Guardian with a question that I think is still relevant to this Christmas season. This was the headline: Is 2008 the year the ‘real meaning of Christmas’ debate resonates?The article concluded with this line: While the government hopes festive spending will help deliver us out of economic gloom, […]

Indulge Me

It’s official. As the post below notes, indulgences are back. Well, they never really went away, but the Vatican has recently been pushing them with new-found fervour. As noted below, you can check it out here or find it on the cover of yesterday’s New York Times. I just want to add some thoughts jumping […]