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Exclusive Interview: Mark Galli of Christianity Today (pt. 2)

Last week we posted part 1 of Mockingbird’s exclusive interview with Mark Galli, Senior Managing Editor of Christianity Today. Galli’s experience—from local pastor, to magazine editor, to columnist, to author—has all reflected and informed his passion for a cross-centered, true-to-life articulation of the Gospel. Part 2 of the interview explores Galli’s view on transformation in […]

Exclusive Interview: Mark Galli of Christianity Today (pt. 1)

Back in July, many of us at Mockingbird discovered (see earlier blog posts here and here) the writings of Mark Galli, Senior Managing Editor of Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of Evangelicalism (started in 1956 by Billy Graham). Galli’s grasp of the Gospel—God’s grace in Jesus Christ to broken human beings (including Christians who can’t […]

This Just In: Leading Pastor and Author Mark Driscoll Not Holy Enough

This month’s issue of Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of evangelical Christianity, featured an article about friction in a major American evangelical denomination. The denomination is facing a declining membership and theological in-fighting. Some in the organization want to overhaul the way their churches approach ministry and have proposed a major re-think. The article observes: […]

The Rage of Virtue

This article popped up in the L.A. Times this morning, much to my surprise. That exploding ethnic tensions in China are just now hitting the news is testament to that particular government’s ability to (at least mostly) control the message coming out of the country. How amazing (tragic?)! Anyway, the politics of the free society […]

The Gospel and The Gosselins

This just in from Mockingbird friend Brendan Sorem: I’m not sure how many reality TV junkies we have out there in the blogosphere. I myself am in recovery; but whether you watch reality shows religiously or not, almost everyone by this point has heard of Jon & Kate Plus 8. The TLC show documented a […]

Another Week Ends: Facebook Activism, St Francis, Riverside Church and, yes, Michael Jackson

So much great stuff sent our way in the past couple days, we just couldn’t leave town for the holiday without posting some of it: 1. A fascinating article in today’s Washington Post entitled Facebook’s Easy Virtue: ‘Click-Through Activism’ Broad But Fleeting (ht Stamper). A few choice quotes: “[Iranian student Neda Agha Soltan] showed up […]

Another Week Ends: Wilco, Happiness, Evangelicalism, LOST, Dr. Spaceman

1. Wilco’s new record, Wilco (The Album), leaked earlier this week, prompting the band to stream it on their site for free. A serious review would be premature, but I will say that upon my initial listen, the songs strike me as stronger than those on Sky Blue Sky and the production a bit tighter. […]

The Appeal of Susan Boyle

Within a week it seems that Susan Boyle has become a world-wide sensation. Last weekend I was over at a friend’s house when someone put on the youtube clip and all 15+ of us were mesmerized by her surprisingly angelic voice. She was featured last week on Mockingbird and nearly everyone who watched the video […]

The Gospel of Incomprehensible Unfairness

I found it interesting how Mark Galli, the managing editor of Christianity Today, drew a gospel lesson from the current furore surrounding the $165 million being paid out to high-leveled executives of the troubled insurance giant AIG (read all about it in The Scandal of the AIG Bonuses). In the article he wryly notes that […]

Coming (Very) Soon!

On its way from the printer’s as we speak! Copies will be available at the Conference for $5, and then afterward on the website for $10.

Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Light When All Is Dark

A couple of years ago, Brazos Press published a remarkable little book called Darkness Is My Only Companion: A Christian Response to Mental Illness by The Rev. Kathryn Greene-McCreight, an Episcopal minister in New Haven, CT. Both a learned theologian and long-time sufferer, the book details Greene-McCreight’s own struggle with debilitating postpartum depression and bipolar […]

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Imputed Righteousness

I was recently forwarded a review for the provocative new book Can Christianity Cure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?, wherein psychiatrist Ian Osborn claims that the doctrine of imputed righteousness can be a major help in overcoming mental illness. By “imputed righteousness,” he’s referring to the Protestant understanding  of a person being judged (by God) not according to […]