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The Mission of Self-Justification in Hell or High Water

David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water must be the year’s most unintentionally Christian film. Aimed more at capturing the mood and the cultural atmosphere of rural Texas than it is at making an argument for or against religion, the film ironically succeeds at presenting us with a rich tapestry and various threads of religious iconography, Biblical themes, […]

Unstoppable Frailty

A quick one from Mbird friend and contributor Russ Masterson: I watched Unstoppable last night, Tony Scott (director) and Denzel Washington’s 2009 action/drama about a runaway train (think: formula action flick, trains about to collide, derail, kill thousands). The entire mess, the full-throttled runaway train, is the mistake of one frumpy guy, Dewey, who works […]