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5.5. Covers in Remembrance of John Lennon

A couple days late of the 30th anniversary of his death, but with added feeling: 1. Jealous Guy – The Faces. Rockin’ Rod and crew proved their impeccable taste in solo-Beatles when they followed up their brilliant cover of “Maybe I’m Amazed” with an equally brilliant version of “Jealous Guy”: 2&3. Come Together. One of […]

Bill Wilson, AA, and the Gospel of Disempowerment

The NY Times recently published an absolute knockout of an editorial by David Brooks, entitled “Bill Wilson’s Gospel”  wherein some of the counter-intuitive virtues of Alcoholics Anonymous are extolled. A few choice paragraphs include (ht MZ): In a culture that generally celebrates empowerment and self-esteem, A.A. begins with disempowerment. The goal is to get people […]

RIP Alex Chilton – Keep An Eye On The Sky

The greatest rock n roll anti-hero Alex Chilton of all-time died of a heart attack this past Thursday. In tribute, we thought we’d re-run the Big Star post that went up in October, “Keep An Eye On The Sky – Big Star Talks To God”. But first, children by the million: The Replacements Alex ChiltonUploaded by […]