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From The New Yorker


“Oh, Cutting Your Eyeball with a Laser Knife is Totally Okay:” The Casuistry of PEDs

Casuistry is a fancy theological word that means something like “the search for special cases.” It exists by necessity; the law abounds, and so we humans (born lawyers, according to a friend) are compelled to search for ways to get around it. In fact, one might argue that casuistry makes up the bulk of a […]

Hit ‘Em For Money, Hurt ‘Em For a Little More

The recent revelations about the New Orleans Saints’ “bounty” program have rocked the talking-head world at ESPN. The Saints, apparently,  had a program, administered by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams (who ran similar programs at previous teams), wherein players received cash bonuses for inflicting injuries on opposing players. For instance, knocking a quarterback out of the […]