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Another Week Ends: Decision Fatigue, Millennial Astrologists, an Inmate from Greenwich, the Phantom of Winnipeg, and the American Dream Value Menu

1. Headlining this week is a story from Vanity Fair about Chip Skowron, a hedge fund manager in Greenwich, CT who was indicted for insider trading and found himself facing prison time. What comes next is a story of grace if I’ve ever seen one, and one that continues to bear fruit (ht CB).  Like […]

Therefore I Have Hope: The Blessed Assurance of an Objective Gospel

I remember the exact place where I was standing on campus at Ole Miss when my mom called with the news that Cameron Cole’s three-year-old son, Cam, had died. I don’t think I believed her at first. Surely, I had misheard what she said. There was just no way that this was happening. Why, God? […]

On Our Bookshelf: From the Déjà Vu Issue

If you get déjà vu scanning this list, it would be no surprise…you may have encountered some (but perhaps not all!) of these titles on this site. As compiled for the latest issue of The Mockingbird, these are the books we’ve been reading and re-reading this summer: The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath by Leslie Jamison: […]

Getting Rooted

Another one from new Mbird contributor and resident youth expert Cameron Cole: From a standpoint of quantification, I was a church rockstar growing up. My church resume included the following: my family never missed church; I never missed Sunday school; I didn’t miss quiet times; I lead a Bible study; I didn’t drink; I didn’t […]

The Batchelorette and "That Guy"

[Disclaimer: I’m a dude. I mean really a dude. I love football, BBQ, and Braveheart. I roll 6’5, 235, but I do watch The Bachelorette with my wife.]  Many of us are making our way through the guilty pleasure of The Bachelorette: Season 6. If you have watched a few seasons of The Bachelorette (I […]

Another Week Ends: Andy Pettitte, Stop Signs, Ypsilanti Christs, LOST, William Styron

1. “When Did God Become A Sports Fan?” over at CNN is an interesting look at the how’s and why’s of professional athletes invoking God in pursuit of victory (ht DG): They are selling their goodness, and their brand of faith, to a captive audience, says [William J. Baker, author of Playing With God], who […]

Rooted: A Theology Conference For Student Ministry

A quick plug from mockingfriend Cameron Cole for the upcoming Rooted Conference this summer in Birmingham, AL This conference gets the Mbird-endorsement 110%: One of the more powerful sermons I heard during college had the repeated question, “”Is Jesus enough?” In this context the question about Christ’s sufficiency related to whether the crucified Christ is […]