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It’s Not/All About the Numbers

The NY Times tossed us quite a softball this week in the form of Bruce Feiler’s “The United States of Metrics”. The premise of the article is a familiar one: the advent of ‘smart’ technology has allowed us to quantify things that we couldn’t quantify before, from the steps we take per day to the […]

Talking With Kids About God

Perhaps you saw Bruce Feiler’s recent column in The NY Times, “For A Child, God’s Back Story,” in which he endorsed a full disclosure approach when answering children’s questions about God. It’s painfully predictable, but it also got me thinking: [My daughter] Eden looked at me and asked, “Daddy, if I speak to God, will […]

Moses: Our Founding Father of Freedom?

An interesting op-ed by Bruce Feiler recently appeared on CNN talking about the role of Moses in American politics. It seems that Moses as a deliverer in the Exodus and a lawgiver on Mount Sinai finds an integral significance in the history of America. As Feiler notes, By the time of the Revolution, Moses had […]