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Weds Morning Rock N Roll: Brian Wilson’s "Midnight’s Another Day"

I missed my chance to post this on Good Friday, but as Fitz Allison says, “every day around here is Good Friday!” This is Brian’s unbelievably touching and powerful song from the otherwise lackluster “That Lucky Old Sun” record. Many people thought he didn’t have a song of this quality in him anymore. It not […]

The Circle Is Complete: MJ + Woody + Brian Wilson + JC = Mbird Heaven

Words can’t really do this stuff justice. Enjoy:

Michael Jackson, R.I.P.

This is a very, very sad day. In tribute, here’s something we ran last year, celebrating his work in the 90s. He will be deeply missed: Michael Jackson has been back in the spotlight this past month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thriller. He’s riding a wave of nostalgia powerful enough, it would seem, […]

The Beach Boys Keep Singing That Same Song

A recent discovery from the bottomless well that is the original Wilson brothers, this video touches on many of the themes that we like to explore on this blog: strength in weakness, broken vessels, singing “that same song” (you know the one…) over and over, awesome rock n roll, sweet outfits, etc. They really say […]

Brian Wilson Goes Surfing

Recently at our Mockingbird Hour meeting, we looked at the life and music of the mighty Brian Wilson. Love and mercy, strength in weakness, the bondage of the will, good vibrations (the Holy Spirit): it’s all there, in spades. In honor of the event, I’ve hunted down a video of the infamous “Surfnapping” skit from […]

Love And Mercy – Brian Wilson

Most Gospel song ever?

Or if the 80s are more your thing (or you just like your singing a bit more on pitch):