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I Gotta Try Losing Sometime: Rivalry, Redemption, and Donkey Kong

“I wanted to be the hero. I wanted to be the center of attention. I wanted the glory, I wanted the fame, I wanted the pretty girls coming up and saying, ‘Hi, I see you’re good at Centipede.’” – Walter Day “When I have to watch that pile of eight tapes over there for Dwayne […]

4.75 Links 4 The Weekend

1. Earlier this winter, many of us went bonkers for the recent video-game documentary King Of Kong. I don’t know how we missed it but a writer for Harpers spent 5 years with the infamous Billy Mitchell (he-of-perfect-pacman-and-mullet-fame) and published a fascinating and rather touching write-up this past summer. A few choice quotes: “‘[Playing the […]