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Another Week Ends: Stubborn Optimists, New Parents, Non-Parents, Backwards Empathy, Future Anxious Thoughts, and a Tale of Two Churches

1. First off, we have from the New York Review of Books “A Tale of Two Churches.” This one doesn’t go where you think it’s going to go, and so much the better. It tells the story of two North Carolina pastors, Jay Stewart and Derrick Hawkins, one white, one black, and the joining of […]

Another Week Ends: The Onion’s Guide to Mothering, The Happiness Industry, Selling Beauty, Cultural Christians, Sad David Brooks, and More Bill Fay

1. First off, The Onion has been doing marvelous things lately. Their insight into the human condition is always surprising, especially their sense for all the pressures of social life, how ridiculous they are, and how strange is our reliance on them for identity. Cue Mothershould, their new web series on how to be a better Mom. Our frequent […]

Bill Fay Asks Who Is the Sender?

What a supremely pleasant surprise to find out that Bill Fay, one of our all-time favorites, has a new record coming out next week, Who Is The Sender? It’s streaming over at NPR as we speak. The tracklisting alone yields several possible future offertories, e.g., “Bring It On Lord”, “A Frail and Broken One”, and the title track, which Bill explains in the press release this way:

What the piano taught [Fay] was how to connect to one of the great joys of his life. “Music gives,” he says. And he is a grateful receiver. But, it makes him wonder, “Who is the sender?” Fay – who after more than five decades writing songs is finally being appreciated as one of our finest living practitioners of the art – asserts that, for him, songs aren’t actually written but found…

The joy and sadness are indeed deep in this material, which Bill describes as “alternative gospel”. Though it clearly stems from his belief, he doesn’t seek to proselytise or convert anybody, but just hopes to share the concerns he puts into the words and the feelings that he receives from the music: “Goodness, beauty, comfort. If something gives in the world, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Maybe that’s what music wants to do.”

There Is A Valley: Old Age, Creativity, and the Return of Bill Fay

Here’s an Ash Wednesday appropriate portion of A Mess of Help, taken from the final chapter, “Sing Mockingbird Sing: The Alpha and Omega of Annotated Playlists”. This is track 18 of 20. You can listen to the entire playlist here. I am sure I’m not the only one whose ears perked up during the scene […]

Another Week Ends: Philip K. Dick, Pinterest Slogans, Online Rudeness, Tiger Mothers, Bill Fay, Mumford Backlash, Louis CK, and Kramer Grace

1. A breath-taking appreciation of late sci-fi author and savant Philip K. Dick that will make you want to go out and read all the man’s work immediately and/or join the colorfully named ranks of his fans (one guess). Dick’s Christianity even gets a mention, ht CR: [Author] Jonathan Lethem notes how often, within their flawed […]

October Playlist

  1. Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It – Stars
  2. From Here On Out – The Killers
  3. Cry for Judas – The Mountain Goats
  4. Scared – Albert Hammond Jr.
  5. If You Gotta Break Another Heart – Albert Hammond Sr.
  6. If You Change Your Mind – The Raspberries
  7. Eddie Walker – Ben Folds Five
  8. Way Back Into Love – Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett
  9. My Diane – The Beach Boys
  10. February Seven – The Avett Brothers
  11. Around Every Corner – Derek Webb
  12. The Man I Didn’t Know – Scott Weiland
  13. The Moon Is Calling – Nada Surf
  14. Ashes to Ashes – Faith No More
  15. What Deaner Was Talkin’ About – Ween
  16. Black Tears – Ian Hunter and the Rant Band
  17. Pay in Blood – Bob Dylan
  18. There Is A Valley – Bill Fay

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