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Another Week Ends: False Danger, Stress Vaccines, Alien Baptism, Michael Vick, King of Kong, Online Dating, Get Low, Pixar

1. Another in a series of great articles from Lisa Belkin of the NY Times, this one entitled “Keeping Kids Safe From the Wrong Dangers,” in which the author continues in what appears to be her (and Jonah Lehrer’s) quest to unveil the irrationality at the base of human decision-making. There’s also a great line […]

Another Week Ends: The (Non-)Commercialization of Easter, Realism vs. Despair, Childhood Favorites, LOST, Fat Albert

1. A truly remarkable piece by James Martin over at Slate entitled, “How Easter Stubbornly Resists Commercialization”. A few notable excerpts (ht AZ): “What enables Easter to maintain its religious purity and not devolve into the consumerist nightmare that is Christmas? Well, for one thing, it’s hard to make a palatable consumerist holiday out of […]

Another Weeks Ends: Unemployed Conversion, Galli on Love, Westerberg on Chilton, Tiger, LOST, Elvis’ "Life"

1. “What I Lost When I Lost My Job” by Dominique Browning is the sort of subtle conversion story that will leave you in tears. Published in this past weekend’s NY Times Magazine (of all places), she touches on pretty much every major theme of this website: justification by work(s), achievement-based identity, the death/resurrection paradigm […]

Gayle Haggard on Compassion and Forgiveness

From the Christianity Today interview with the wife of disgraced former mega-church pastor/Evangelical leader Ted Haggard. Gayle has just published a book titled “Why I Stayed”. Two relevant soundbytes from the interview (ht AZ): What do you want individuals and churches to take away from this? I really want our story to offer hope to […]

Shel Silverstein narrates The Giving Tree

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This American Christianity – "Bait and Switch"

“Our goal is to save souls and make money for the church” Ira Glass’ much-acclaimed NPR radio show This American Life continues to be an unparalleled source of great sermon illustrations. Episode #213 “Devil On My Shoulder”, which was re-aired just before Halloween this year, provides a devastating look at the human heart and our […]