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When the Grief Index Backfires

The church I attend is trying to reboot their “pastoral care ministry”, which is one of those amorphous seminary terms for something that could (and maybe should) mean more than it intends. Isn’t the job of a pastor to care? I got a little worried when I heard ours needed rebooting! I haven’t gone to […]

It’s Not/All About the Numbers

The NY Times tossed us quite a softball this week in the form of Bruce Feiler’s “The United States of Metrics”. The premise of the article is a familiar one: the advent of ‘smart’ technology has allowed us to quantify things that we couldn’t quantify before, from the steps we take per day to the […]

The Dopamine Thrill of Winning and Suspended Animation

Did you get to check out The Atlantic piece DZ quoted in last week’s weekender, “Parents Ruin Sports for Their Kids by Obsessing About Winning”? As soon as I read it, I knew taking a closer look was inevitable this week in Mbird sports! DZ was right, the title is anything but subtle. In the […]

Anne Lamott on Dropping Whiny, Guilt-Mongering Voices Into Mason Jars

I’m currently reading Anne Lamott’s, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, a super thoughtful, inspiring and funny book on the nature of writing, and how frightening and wonderful it truly is. I can’t put it down. Lamott talks a lot about how writing evokes vulnerability, and exposes all sorts of insecurities and fears, etc., […]

Anne Lamott’s Secret Cry for Help

In light of her new book, Help Thanks Wow, cherished rock-bottom mystic Anne Lamott wrote in Salon last week about the nature of prayer. Coming from someone with an unconventional family and a checkered past, she delves simply and no-less-powerfully into ways we pray to God. Playfully, she is really talking plain-and-simple about prayer book […]