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Mere Anglicanism Conference 2011 Homilist Jim Nestingen

“That’s how the old sinner in us dies. God kills the old you each day with kindness. The God of grace keeps showering you with promises and gifts until finally the old you just plain dies of it. It happens as the Spirit working through the Word enables you to say, ” I don’t have […]

Christmas Must Be Tonight: The Band’s Left-field Xmas Carol

Tied with Big Star’s “Jesus Christ” as my favorite religious rock song by an otherwise non-religious rock band is The Band’s “Christmas Must Be Tonight”, a track which takes much of its lyrics directly from the King James. The google-challenged Band – in this writer’s opinion the greatest performing unit the rock world has ever […]

Nepotism – A Tribute To John Camp

I came across the following album cover yesterday and couldn’t resist posting it in tribute to my brother John. For the past few years, John has been diligently exploring the intersection of historical Anglicanism and the (international) Disco movement of the late 1970s. His findings, of which there are many, can be found on his […]