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Anders Breivik and the Commandment We See in the Faces of Others

By way of follow-up to yesterday’s post on the problems facing boys, if you haven’t bookmarked Karl Ove Knausgaard’s essay about mass murderer Anders Breivik in last week’s New Yorker, run don’t walk. It may not be beach reading exactly, but nothing’s more edifying than when a great writer tackles a subject that’s worthy of […]

The Good Exception? A Reality Check on Anders Breivik (and other Murderous Minds)

A prescient interview in this past weekend’s Wall Street Journal with prison psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple, in which the good doctor discusses Norwegian bomber Anders Breivik, among other subjects. He outlines an unpopular but sympathetic point, reminiscent of David Brooks’ recent work: that the French Enlightenment may have done more harm than good when it comes […]