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Pastor to the Stars: A Letter to Adele

Dearest Adele, Thank you so much for the care package I received today. My nephew has just set me up with a new “boombox” I believe they call it, so I’m all set to listen to that “25” CD (he had to explain to me that your album titles correspond to your various ages at […]

At Your Service: Thoughts on Downton Abbey, and Life

I dread my kids getting sick–and not just because I hate to see them suffer. So much for empathy, right?  Our latest cavalcade of illnesses–recurrent ear infections, nasty colds, and a violent stomach virus–coincided with the wrapping-up of the series Downton Abbey. And don’t think for a second that the deep cosmic significance of that […]

So I Thought I Could Dance

I remember picking up the book I Don’t Know How She Does It a couple of months into my first pregnancy. The title sounded like a present-tense version of my desired epitaph, and the plot made it feel a timely read, featuring as it did a busy working mom struggling to be everything to everyone, […]

Hello From the Inside

It is a fact that approximately 4 billion people are singing Adele’s “Hello” in the shower at any given moment, somewhere around the world. Okay so it hasn’t been proven by scientists, but you know that it’s true. Sales of “Hello” went platinum only three weeks after its release. Something about this song has utterly […]