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Lemon, Out!

This post was written by Michael Neal. I was pretty bummed when I learned that Netflix had dropped 30 Rock from its roster. What’s not to love about Tina Fey and 30 Rock? It’s witty and hilarious, socially informed, and often a sound diagnostic of our tendency to self-justify and virtue-signal. Thank God someone at […]

Another Week Ends: AKB48, More Super Bowl, Seeing Cézanne, Failed Rehab, Humanity According to 30 Rock, Presumption vs Grace, and Creepy Lance Armstrong

1. In the “mea culpa” world this past week, Minami Minegishi of the hit Japanese band AKB48 was publicly lambasted and forced to apologize on YouTube, where people have watched her tearful confession roughly 5 million times, for the crime of staying a night with her boyfriend. No one’s ever done a fantastic job with managing celebrity […]

Another Week Ends: Jeremy Lin, Scientism, Cosmism, Clergy Burnout, Tearjerkers, Springsteen’s Advice, 30 Rock, and Garbage Pail Kids

1. The Linsanity continues! But this time the hubbub has to do with a powerful (and unexpected) instance of off-court forgiveness. Last week, Jeremy Lin invited the ESPN employee who was fired for writing an offensive headline about Lin to lunch. Newsday spoke with the journalist in question, Anthony Federico: Federico apologized after he was […]

Another Week Ends: Joseph Mills, Commitment Devices, Anxiety Rights, Bible Rescue, Imposter Syndrome, Hitch on Chesterton, Elmer Bernstein and Liz Lemon

1. One of the many things to adore about David Foster Wallace’s A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again is the cover (of the US edition). The collage manages to capture the torrential intellect at the heart of that wonderful collection without losing the humor. But it wasn’t until this past week that I […]

Another Week Ends: Divorce Delusions, FNL, KJV, Natural Family Planning, Pastafarianism, Harry Potter and 30 Rock

1. New Mbird favorite Heather Havrilesky hit another home run in this past Sunday’s NY Times Magazine with her column “The Divorce Delusion,” in which she exposed the current sunny pop-climate about divorce for what it is, namely, delusional. Or at least very naive. She also took the opportunity to muse on the underlying narcissism: […]

Live and Let Live: 30 Rock on “Managing the Crazy”

To my surprise, somehow 30 Rock has gone its entire 5 years without a full Mockingbird treatment (Tina Fey mentions excluded). This is surprising mostly because in addition to being some of the best comedy on television, the show is incredibly thoughtful about human nature and relationships. To begin with, the first thesis of 30 […]

Never Tell Tina Fey She’s Crazy

The lady is on a roll in The New Yorker. Her recent column, “Lessons From Late Night,” had more than its fair share of pithy wisdom. Number Nine in her list of “Things I Learned From Lorne Michaels” was particularly worth sharing. You figure out why, ht MCZ: (9) Never tell a crazy person he’s […]

Tina Fey and The Baby-Career Dilemma

Tina Fey plays the double messages of modern life better than anyone, particularly those that relate to women. On 30 Rock, her character Liz Lemon is a catalog of contradictions, constantly (and hilariously) battling the differences between the ideal and the real, her ‘shoulds’ and her ‘wants’, her convictions and her appetites, etc. She mines […]

2009 Christmas Playlist (And Presents)

A little on the late side, but nonetheless yule-rific! 1. The Christmas Song – The Raveonettes 2. Just Like Christmas – Low 3. O Holy Night – Duvall 4. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) – The Ramones 5. Child’s Christmas In Wales – John Cale 6. Christmas Must Be Tonight – The […]

Another Week Ends: DFW, A. Null, female Atheists, Big Love and Twin Peaks

1. The New Yorker published a posthumous short story from David Foster Wallace this past week, “All That”. A touching look at childhood and the ‘religious impulse’, it is sort of a must-read. The ending is particularly moving. 2. An illuminating interview with friend/theologian Ashley Null over at VirtueOnline about a number of subjects, including […]

Another Week Ends: ABA, Funerals, Goldman Sachs, Elephant Jokes, 30 Rock and Wilco

1. A stunning and sad cover story in this month’s Journal of the American Bar Association, entitled “A Death in the Office,” which reports on the recent suicide of 59 year-old attorney Mark Levy. By all accounts a passionate, “relentlessly upbeat” and highly successful appellate lawyer, his death came a week after learning that he […]

The Missing 30 Rock-Muppet Show Connection

An inspired little piece that’s been making the rounds from Brian Lynch, writer of those new Angel comics. (To bring things full circle, click here).