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I, Tonya Justifies the ’90s

Where were you in 1994 when Nancy Kerrigan took the famous billy club to the knee? Can you believe that event took place nearly a quarter century ago? It’s one of those strange decade-defining events that’s lasted in our minds alongside the Milli Vanilli lip syncing scandal of 1990, the Clinton affair scandal of 1998, or […]

Rubbing the Rabbit’s Foot: a Chronicle of Failure (with Free Quotes from Interesting People)

I did everything I could to avoid posting something this week. I slowly and meticulously inventoried all our books, even alphabetized them. I spent an afternoon hiding in the attic (read: furnace in the sky), then prolongedly squawked about how hot it was. I made a lot of pour-over coffees. I initiated long conversations about any- […]

Be Not Afraid, O Ye Stone Temple Pilots

I don’t think anyone ever expected Stone Temple Pilots to be more than a 90s punchline. But here we are, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Core (their worst record), and as derivative as the band may have initially appeared, their music has dated infinitely better than that of their humorless post-grunge peers. […]