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A great quote on preaching from Stephen Paulson as well as the best liturgical dance […]

JDK / 6.5.09

A great quote on preaching from Stephen Paulson as well as the best liturgical dance troupe I’ve ever seen; farewell ribbon dancers, you will be missed.

“Scripture does not produce what sinners want—the distinction of vice and virtue—but it does yield the difference between law and gospel, which is the judgment of the all-working God and the promises given by means of the preacher. The preacher destines you by making you the location of Christ’s arrival. This is the difference between following my path, which pretends to move from life to death, and Christ’s, which comes down from heaven and goes from death to life. Christ died by free will’s choice to be rid of the preacher. Christ was raised to defeat the murderers so that the preacher prevails in all those chosen by the living word. There is nothing wrong with us that a good preacher can’t put right, though it means dying to faith as our own power to believe and rising to faith as Christ’s gift day by day. –My Sinful Self: The Self as Enemy

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4 responses to “Preach Preacher”

  1. KP says:

    Can I say HELL YEAH!!! I mean to the dance troup, preachin' it and to Steven Paulson droppin some gospel love.

    Keith pozzuto (wishin I had a 16th the moves these guys had)

  2. David Browder says:

    That reminds me of the opening ceremonies in Beijing, only in a Korean context.

  3. Jacob says:

    Did you guys grasp the fact that they were moving at the level of intensity for 4 minutes 10 seconds. That is what I call liturgical dance!

  4. Aaron M. G. Zimmerman says:

    When I lived in Kazakhstan, I went to a church that had a Korean pastor and a lot of Korean members. The youth group was really into stuff like this and did a lot of it. It was cool.

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