A Very Merry Viral Christmas: 2013’s Six Best Christmas Vids

Something about the holidays brings out the very best (and worst?) in the creative juices, […]

Bryan J. / 12.18.13

Something about the holidays brings out the very best (and worst?) in the creative juices, and this year in particular is inspiring a very creative mix of yule-tide youtube videos to warm the heart on cold winter nights. Here’s my compilation of the 6 theologically noteworthy Christmas videos of the 2013 holiday season (so far!):

This little ditty out of Chicago makes me chuckle, even if it does feel a little staged. A piano that makes with you music regardless of age, skill, genre, or life situation.


I hope I can check in with this family in a decade to see if there’s any correlation between this over-the-top Christmas card and the family therapy bills they’re bound to amass. I confess, however, that as I typed that last sentence, I wondered if my sarcasm’s being motivated by low anthropology or the nagging feeling that I’ll never be as successful as either of these two children (or their parents- yeesh!). If humble-bragging was a word this time in 2012, could jollybraging be a word this year? Either way, kudos if you can watch the whole thing through…


Santa gets real when he gets the kiddos hooked up to a polygraph test. This is the most intimidating mall Santa I’ve ever heard of!



I love Jimmy Fallon’s music room covers, and this one comes compliments of Mariah Carey.


This John Lewis ad was posted on the blog already this year, but it’s still a beautifully made little tear-jerker about friendship:



Finally, in the “ask and it shall be given to you department,” Canadian airline WestJet lays on the holiday love pretty heavily for this promo. The responses of the travelers when they receive a gift of great cost with no strings attached is priceless.

If you find any more stellar videos as the week comes to a close, link them in the comments and we’ll see about adding them to the list! And look out for Jimmy Kimmel inspired pranks this season too. Merry Christmas!