Never Satisfied Until Satisfied in Thee: The Gospel According to Alexander Hamilton



An gospel-infused e-book about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical.






Grace runs through Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, e.g., the titular character’s new start in North America, Aaron Burr’s nuanced portrayal, and Eliza Hamilton’s forgiveness of her scandalous husband via “a grace too powerful to name.”


Never Satisfied Until Satisfied in Thee, edited by Tim Peoples and Cort Gatliff, explores the many ways that grace shows itself in Miranda’s musical: Cort Gatliff, Michael Sansbury, Matthew Linder, and Amanda McClendon each contribute essays on how Hamilton strived for more in this world but only found moments of peace in failure and death. Margaret Pope wonders whether it is better to be ruled by God or King George. Stephanie Phillips and Lauren R.E. Larkin explore their Hamilton-character spirit animals—respectively, Aaron Burr and Angelica Schuyler. Tim Peoples closes the collection with thoughts on first and final drafts composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Creator of the Universe.


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