Help ME

A Poem

This poem was written by Austin Willey:

Help ME

Darkness consumes this world of mine
Fears of the night are resurrected
Please oh Lord give me a sign
The blaring silence is unexpected

I tread and peer towards an ocean deep below
No longer does the water surface reflect my visage
The mirrored reflection alters as an alluring tune flows
The silence leaves a hole to fill for a crooning message

The beckoning melody calls me from within
A dim murmur bubbles and rises into a roar
My vision of you blurs and my hope wears thin
I may suppress the sultry music, but cannot ignore

In the midst of a lavish and bottomless song
I should yearn for you but tire of fighting the rising tide
Formless voices assure and coax me saying, “you belong”
I reach towards the surface, but the convincing waves never subside

A silver canticle envelopes and floods my mind
I drown in spilt blood, and care not whose it is
The harmony of the cackling throng pulls and binds
Lost from your call, and dive fully into his


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